Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello All,
Well we had quite the day yesterday...I was in the middle of a physical therapy session with a 6 month old little girl who has Down Syndrome when all of the sudden her mother gasped. I then felt the ground starting to quake. Immediately the mother ran to get the other three kids as I scooped up the little one. As the shaking started to get more and more intense I realized I had to find a safe place. I reached for the first door I saw thinking it was the garage, but it turned out to be a broom closet, which I thought would be better, close walls and all. As I stood in the doorway with the baby, her mother was across the den with the other three children. I just kept telling the kids we were all going to be all right since they were quite scared. Needless to say it was quite the experience and my first time having a earthquake happen while I was treating a child. The earthquake was pretty intense...probably the worst we have seen in these parts in about 15 years. Stephen had quite a different experience...but you will happen to ask him about that yourself. All is well with a bit of damage further inland. A great wake-up call for everyone to get prepared. One last thing, I am very happy to report, that for the first time ever I was completely calm throughout the whole thing :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Psychadelic Furs and YAZ!!!!

Stephen and I made our way back to the OC Fair this past Thursday to see the Psycadelic Furs and Yaz in concert...I was able (thanks to my stubborn attitude) to find tickets for $20 each rather than the $60 asking price. This was great news for Stephen who loves the furs. It was a great concert and we had a blast looking at the late 30 something/40 something crowd. I kept asking Stephen, "We don't look this old, do we???" He would just shake his head "NO!!!"

Scott and Stacy---we wish you could have joined us, BUT you were a bit BUSY :)

I hope you enjoy the quick clips of Yaz singing "Only You" (my fave) and the furs singing "Ghost in You" (Stephen had fun making fun changes to the videos)...Remember to pause the music at the bottom of the blog. :)



Monday, July 21, 2008

THANK YOU, HONEY...Muah Muah!!!

You all might notice some changes in our blog...well the very talented Mr. Lineberry has rewritten some code (computer language) to make the blog more our own. He worked very hard and I am SO happy with the results. I am in constant awe the longer we are married with all that Stephen can accomplish. I know I am in such good hands and as always am well taken care of. It is truly a blessing to be married to a man who anticipates my needs. Thank you, dear for always taking such good care of me. Love you!!!! (re: Thank u dear, u r 2 kind)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Fair Fun :)

Here are some more pics from our fair trip...

Stephen is sitting next to the blue ribbon pumpkin!!! And we had to get a picture of our fellow skyway rider. For those in the know, I LOVE sunflowers and the pictures I took I just adore. I hope I can enlarge them to decorate the house. Lastly, they were having a huge skating competition as part of the fair this year for the first time and it was sponsored by the Maloof Brothers.

Let's Go to the OC Fair!!!

It is the that time of year...The OC Fair is here!! Stephen and I headed to the fair last Friday, opening day, since we had learned that it was FREE to get in the first hour the fair was open and rides were $1 until 7pm. It was very busy, but we had a GREAT time. A little Lineberry trivia...the fair was actually our 2nd date, he came to visit me 4 years ago this month and the first night I took him to Medieval Times and the 2nd night we went to the fair. Needless to say, we love the fair. Some of our favorite things to do are, going to see all the artwork and photography exhibits, seeing all the animals (especially the baby animals), watching the hypnotist show and having cotton candy (of course!!). This year we were good and only had a yummy "Strawberry/banana Julius" to beat the heat and keep our expenses low. We rode some fun rides, including two trips on the skyway to get a great view of the fair as well as a VERY unsteady ferris wheel(per Stephen.."I could tear this apart with my own hands, it is just aluminum!") and a very large slide. Stephen also won a UNC Chapel Hill Basketball that he was quite excited about...he won it on his first try as if there was ANY doubt :)

And a great highlight was the chance meeting with one of my previous clients who was beside himself when he saw me and immediately ran to me yelling..."Miss Crystal, Miss Crystal". Gavin and I had a big hug and great visit with the whole family. We will probably make another trip to the fair before it is over since Yaz and the Psychadelic Furs are playing in a couple of weeks. We will have some cotton candy for everyone out there!!

Last thing...isn't my "Very Hungry Catepillar" a cutie. I thought him in front of that title was very fitting. Wouldn't those who know Stephen well agree???

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July fun continues!!!

We continued our 4th of July (after a short nap) with a trip to the Angel Game with our friends The Parks...We had great seats behind home plate. The Angels won 8-2 versus the Bluejays...The game was full of cheers, good conversations and lots of snacks :)

After the game, we had a front row seat to one of the best fireworks displays in Orange County set to some great patriotic music!!!

Can you say BOOM!!!!


Stephen and I took our annual trip to the largest 4th of July Parade west of the Mississippi River...oh yeah it just happens to be in our town, SURF CITY...aka Huntington Beach.

Every year about 200-300 thousand people show up to watch the parade. This year we had PERFECT weather, about 73 degrees with a soft ocean breeze. The parade is right down Main Street with the pier in the background. We ride our bikes up from our house, with hundreds of is great to see everyone dressed up and with their bikes decorated.

The parade is really fun and full of energy with beautiful moments of patriotism...for example everyone stands and applauds/salutes the "Pearl Harbor Suvivors" as well as the all the other military involved. People dance and sing along the many marching bands...and how about those crazy "Shriner's" with their little cars, I wish I could post all of the pictures we took!

Our Morning Doves are back...with babies!!!

We had a couple of morning doves last June that were adorable and quite the handsome couple. Well, they are back and have had babies...for the first few weeks of June the babies stayed in of our rain gutter where they would peek out their heads to look when we would walk by. As the weeks passed they started venturing up onto our roof. Then last week, they flew down to our front yard/patio to pick around in the dirt looking for seeds off the tree. They are the sweetest little birds and I personally love their is very peaceful. We also have a family of mockingbirds that live in the tree next to our house. Everytime they get started with their singing...I started singing to Stephen, "MOCK---ING---BIRD---YEAH" (that is from Dumb and Dumber in case you thinking, what??)...This always gets a smile from Stephen!!!

I could have predicted this one...she is one of my top three!!

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