Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another trip to the Wild Animal Park..

This past Veteran's Day we headed down to San Diego and met up with friends to go the Wild Animal Park. It was a perfect day with lots of sunshine. We had tons of fun seeing all the new baby animals including some cute as a button baby elephants, zebra and giraffes. I also loved seeing how big the lion cubs are getting...they just turned 1 years old. We have now seen almost the whole park with only one section left to go. The place is so huge, but it is so wonderful to hike around it. We are looking forward to returning at Christmas time and perhaps see the zoo as well.
Interesting info...As seen below, the Northern White Rhinoceros is one of the two subspecies of the White Rhinoceros. They are grazers and live in grasslands and savannah woodlands. These animals may now be extinct in the wild as a recent survey failed to locate the only known surviving population of four in the Garamaba National Park of the Congo. Only 7 captive specimens are left in the world: two at the San Diego wild Animal Park and five in the Czech Republic. They were so sweet as the male and female layed and looked into each other's eyes. The zoologist's are working with artificial insemination to try to have the Rhino's breed. Such a sad tale, but let's hope they can be saved!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome :)

Stephen and I had a blast at our second annual trip to the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome at Angel Stadium yesterday. The many teams included four that were for some of my clients. Stephen and I joined two of the teams and donated to the other two---unfortunately we can only each be on one team. The day was somewhat rainy--Stephen calls it drizzle, but it was actually nice...last year was TOO hot! The event is such a positive example of what Down Syndrome can be. Everyone there is excited for the beautiful children living with Down Syndrome in their lives. I am very blessed to work with 8 children with Down Syndrome and am always amazed at all they can accomplish with the right kind of intervention. These kids are such an inspiration...they are full of LOVE, HUGS and SMILES for everyone. If only we could all be like those living with Down Syndrome :)