Monday, June 23, 2008


Can you believe that out of left field Stephen and I were pulled into the hall by a member of the bishopric...they needed to let me know that they wanted to release me from my calling of Secretary of the Relief Society and call me to be the Nursury Leader. I was in shock and just looked at Stephen, who was of course was smiling.

The counselor informed me that as a bishopric they had prayed a long time regarding this decision and only felt that I was the one to be in this position at this time. Which I could only say...YES I would love to...However, I was hesitant since I work with little ones all week and thought of possibly being burnt out with my career by not having the weekend off. The longer I thought about it and talked with Stephen I came to an understanding for myself that I would do well and would be blessed and better for being with those children.

Also, SUMMER IS HERE for Stephen!!! I am glad he is getting this time off to relax after quite the busy year!! I have to admit and Stephen knows this...I am very jealous and for those of you who are not married to is INCREDIBLY hard to go to work each morning while he sleeps in. Which is why I am looking forward to taking 3 weeks off this summer as well. Hopefully Stephen will be having an interview in the next couple of weeks for the job openings at the school he has been working at, student teaching at and subbing at for the past 4 school years. So please keep him in your prayers.

We will let you all know as soon as we know!!!

Love to all :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beautiful Sunday...but man I am sore :)

Hello Family and Friends!

I woke up this morning very see I went for my typical Saturday early morning 3 mile walk at the beach. I love to get up before 8 am on Saturdays and go for a walk along the shore. It is a great workout, which I usually do at least one other time per week in the afternoon, but there is something special about the quiet and cool of the morning with only the surfers out. I listen to my IPOD and don't really notice what a great workout I am getting. However, yesterday Stephen and I finally found a good bicycle seat for my mountain bike so he could have his gel seat cover back and all was happy. We then decided to go for a bike ride. Good idea, but the beach was crowded with people enjoying their "stay-cation" (new buzz word for around here...meaning no money to go anywhere so you stay near home for vacation...those darn gas prices). The wind was pretty brutal so we only went about 8 miles. But, my body is paying for it now :)

Speaking of gas prices, my brother, Troy just bought a moped to drive to work instead of his V-8 truck. We are excited to see it because Stephen is considering an electric scooter for him to drive to work, but a moped might be nice as well. The gas prices are getting too high and I have to drive for work, although I am now trying to work with kids much closer to home, so we are looking at alternatives for Stephen.

I hope you all like the new look of our blog...I added a video and I hope all who come here watch it. It is of David Archuleta from American Idol. Stephen likes to make fun of me saying I have a crush (which is gross he is a teenager), but I am just impressed with his voice and sweet spirit. The kid had one weekend off after American Idol was what did he do back at home in Utah??? He spent Sunday afternoon and evening doing a fireside for troubled youth near his home which is what the video is from. Good kid and a great example for the Church. Again, I hope you like the video.

I guess that is all...except please keep our Northern California friends in your prayers (Mosley's and Pearson's). If you all didn't hear there are some very big fires going on where Stephen used to live up near Chico. Stephen's best man, Shane Mosley's mother lives in a city that has been evacuated. We are praying for you all and hope all is well.

Love ya all!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Waiting Game :)

Hello All,

Wow, a lot of time has passed since my first post...I guess Stephen and I have a pretty boring life...just kidding :)

No, it is quite the opposite. We have both been super busy. Stephen in finishing the school year long term subbing in kindergarten. He is having a good time, but he says it is "pretty busy".

We are trying to keep our hopes looks like Stephen's school, where he was worked for the past 3 1/2 years has some teaching positions open for next year...He will be interviewing in the coming weeks...So PLEASE keep us in your prayers.

I told him, "the day you tell me you were the day we start trying for a baby!!!!"

As for me, I have some huge decisions coming up....I am considering a change in my job where I would become my own boss. With it comes more responsibility, but also includes a $30 increase in pay.

Stephen and I are hoping to head back east to spend lots of time with our Lineberry family that we miss so much...however with gas prices, who knows if we will be able to make it.

That is all for now...OH WAIT!

Also, I have lost nearly 15 pounds on the "South Beach Diet!!!" It has been tough, however more importantly it has taught me SO much about myself. Stephen says I seem happier and I would agree. It is nice to have my pants loose on me. Only 15 more pounds to go to get to my goal and hopefully into my favorite jeans that I have not worn in almost 2 years. (Pray for me, I need the help too)

Love to all!!