Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where have the last 4 months gone???

WOW!!!! Has it really been over 4 months since our last entry. I decided to FINALLY take time and update our blog after frequent reminders how I have been slacking (thank you Stacy and Hilarie). So what is new.... :) Oh come on, everyone knows what is new with the Lineberry's...WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! We found out just after the New Year that I was pregnant. What a funny story there...ask me sometime I will explain, it is too long to put here. And from approximately late January to about mid-March I spent fighting consistent nausea and fatigue. No one tells you how much you sleep during your 1st trimester. I felt at times like I had narcolepsy! Stephen has been the MOST supportive husband with lots of hugs and kisses and reminders of what a "GOOD JOB" I am doing. We are blessed to have the Newport Beach Stake President as our OB/GYN which has been wonderful!!! I had to deal with A LOT of blood tests early on (some days I felt like a pin cushion, but it was all worth it). Two weeks ago we found out that we were going to be blessed with a BABY GIRL, which Stephen said he knew as soon as he saw her feet on the ultrasound. He said the feet were so sweet and petite and Lineberry males have a history of having HUGE horse feet from all the generations of Appalachian Men.

My second trimester has been great...this past week my tummy decided to pop so now I really look preggo and not just FAT :) Also a little over a week ago I felt her kick for the first time. It is the greatest feeling like she is telling me "Hello, Mommy" or "Wake up, Mommy" or "FEED ME,MOMMY!!!" This is definately Stephen's baby because she is VERY active and wants food every 2 hours. My 12 week ultrasound was supposed to take about 10-15 minutes and instead took almost an hour because Stephen's baby was acting like Daddy and would not sit still so the measurements could be taken :)

I promise that I will be better at documenting our lives...Facebook took over too much, but I miss the journal aspect of our blog.

Meanwhile, please meet BABY GIRL LINEBERRY!!!