Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yummy!!! Is that a Dodger Dog I smell :)

We were lucky to get tickets to one of the last Dodger games of the season thanks to our wonderful friends The Parks who are always looking out for us. It is such great fun when we hang out and Stephen and I feel so blessed that we have met them...not just because they have the cutest baby ever :)

Well this was Stephen's first trip to Dodger Stadium so I was really excited for him to see it. Being there brought back such wonderful memories of my childhood when my Uncle Mike (who passed away over 10 years ago) used to take us to day games. We would sit in the outfield and have a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. Well, now the outfield has become something incredible and that is where our story begins.

Before heading into the game...we had arrived VERY early to avoid traffic we took some very cool pictures with the skyline of LA in the background since it was such a uncharacteristic clear day.

The beautiful LA skyline

Our friends Stacy and Scott Parks

Me and Stephen :)

We met our group around back and were met with a sign that I did not believe would be there until we arrived.

When we got inside we were greeted by all you can eat hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and nachos and all you can drink soda and water. It was all for the cheap price of $35 although we only payed $25 since we were part of a group rate. I was so surpised how quickly the lines went, but they were prepared for the onslaught of people I would assume since this has been going on all year.

Our seats were great...I just love the old stadiums. Stephen loved it as well and immediately he began snapping away.

We settled in and were enjoying our Dodger Dogs...there is just something about those Farmer John hot dogs and they taste even better at the stadium.

Stacy was rockin' the Manny Ramirez dreads...she is so funny. Stephen is almost in the picture as welll, at least his nose is :)

It was a GREAT game... the Dodgers won and Manny hit one out :) Thanks again to the Parks for inviting guys are the best!!

Some other funs pictures from the day...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Change we REALLY need!!

I know all who read this blog may not agree with my "Wise" decision, but I hope in an attempt to better understand a friend that you will look deeper into your decision for President. Please do not get pulled into the "HYPE" and overlook what these candidates really stand for. Do the the supposed "Bridge to nowhere" and what really happened. "Thanks, but no thanks" had some truth to it, because Palin was all for the bridge until the embarrassment of what the bridge was and the threat of Congress pulling out made her flip flop on her decision. I would also pray that everyone would take serious stock of how our country has changed for the worse over the past 8 years and then consider what ideology was in charge during the time and who voted with that person in charge 90% of the time.

I am seriously concerned for our nation's well being and as I listen to others talk and realize they are just following the crowd or "hype" I felt I couldn't sit quietly again I am sorry if I offend anyone who reads this, BUT I am very proud of the decision I have made and hopeful for a new beginning for our country that will focus less on war and the elite and more on families, healthcare for all, education and advances in stem cell research. It is sickening to think that over 10 billion dollars a month is being spent on a war that NEVER should have happened. Let's stop living in fear and turn our focus on the millions of AMERICANS who are suffering without healthcare and living in poverty.

I hope you will all understand as I continue to write what I know to be truths on this blog...and I would recommend for everyone to watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", along with some great laughs you will find out some truth from the media.